Tourist: “Your Girl”

tourist-1By far the most pop sounding track Tourist offers – ‘Your Girl’ – is a feel-good track with excellent vibes.  The guy is basically unknown.  He hails from London and drops sick-as, dope-as, tracks.  We promoted his older track, ‘Placid Acid’ (some time back on BN(miT) – and on that track, we got spacey, hardcore bumping sounds.  But with this fairly new track, we see a turning in his production aspect.  Going from (more) bass heavy, strong beats, to softer, more elegant sounds—we see Tourist making a name for himself.  This is made most obvious with Tourist’s brand new jams.  For example, on his entire new EP, entitled Tonight (already released), we see him really transitioning into clean, crisp, borderline psedo-house (style) music.  Stand out track on the EP is ‘Never Stop’.  Definitely check Tourist out…he is worth watching, at least.  Grab the download of ‘Your Girl’ and browse some of his other stuff, via SoundCloud.

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