Local Natives: “You & I”

local natives

The recently released album, Hummingbird, by Local Natives, is above and beyond all the hype.  By attesting to the amazing prerelease singles alone, i.e., ‘Breaker’ and ‘Heavy Feet’, one is primed for what the album best offers.  But once you get into the album, and hear the first track, ‘You and I’, those singles completely fall away as something a little too inconsistent and unrefined.  Whereas, (and in contrast), the track ‘You and I’ absolutely pulls you in, and engages you with beauty and touch that captures the heart.  On this track you can hear Kelcey Ayer taking hold and extolling his deep raw vocals that carry you away – far, far away – into blissfully listening moods.  With no doubt, the two prior singles before the album release make the album worthwhile to buy, but it is this lead off track which goes far and beyond what those other tracks offer.  If you are looking for a track that supplements and compliments those stellar singles, then ‘You and I’ will deliver a track that might be the best of the album, alone.  We have found a download link at the SoundCloud player below.  So, go ahead and grab it…but if you want to see for yourself which track is best off the album, then go out and get it!

One thought on “Local Natives: “You & I”

  1. Beautiful track! ‘Though I think Black Balloons and Colombia are the stand out ones. Which tells you a lot about the grandeur of Hummingbird.

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