Lone: “2 is 8″

1 lone

Super sharp new stuff from Lone.  This track has all of the tricky, catchiness sub-sonics that we’ve come to love and expect from a Lone track.  Stream it below.

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Kevin Drew: “It’s Cool”

1 kevin drew it's cool


“It’s Cool” is one of the more mellow tracks from Kevin Drew’s recently released LP, Darlings, and it is also one of the more infections and interesting. Give it a listen below.



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SOHN: “Bloodflows”



SOHN’s new record dropped this past Tuesday. The record from start to finish is smooth and still upbeat enough to feel the vibes of a dance album. After hearing it, an excellent song called “Bloodflows” came to me as wonderful delight; and instantly signaled a new single. The song is down tempo and gorgeous, with soft vocals. This creates an empyreal atmosphere, which fits his ability — on this stellar track. This song captures the depth of his talent, with bold meaning in mind. For as we can tell, this is just the beginning of his future. Check out the release of the video for the song below!

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Touch Sensitive: “Slowments”



This track is super fast and very repetitive, but does enough of that for long enough, to make the track sound good.  The vocals are pretty intense, but overall the track is a pleasure to listen to. Hear Touch Sensitive (who I am sure) has been gaining ground in the funky dance beat-world – to make a splash, on their new single (with an interesting twist…): ‘Slowments’.  Download the track from here, or stream it down below.

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Lincoln Jesser: “We’ll Be Fine”

BN(mi)T Bannerartworks-000059020521-jmjytj-t500x500

Mr. Jesser comes stomping by on through with this screaming of a track, which surely doesn’t let up all the way through. On “We’ll Be Fine”, he drops the throttle and leaves a non-stop screecher that rocks! Check out the track below or download for free through the soundcloud page.

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Astronomyy: “Things I’d Do For U”


The connection and hopefulness of the music and the rather good beatwork of the drum line; hits all the right spots for a nice listening experience. Especially and definitely with the taste of RnB in it, “its the slowness and melody of the track that gets me as good”, right computer? The vocals add a lot to give this song a pretty solid sound. Astronomyy is cool on the patchwork too: and for surely juggles many nice instruments to form it fantastically. Astronomyy currently produces in England – and has put out a few singles within the last year. “Things I’d Do For U” is good stuff! Check the sound on the cloud down below.

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Tirzah: “No Romance”

BN(mi)T Banner1 Tirzah - No Romance

Brilliant new stuff from Tirzah.  I have been rocking this track all day! Perfect Friday night jam!  Stream below or grab it here.

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